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16 mars 2020

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17 mars 2020

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  • a bug made the project duplicate, this is the real one

This is a illustration inspired by the contest.

I want to dedicate my gratitude to square team, with their contests, have always been giving me ideas and thoughts with my art. 

I started with word « AI », but it became something way beyond that in the end, a message from my hear, a composed piece of mind.

This illustration IS NOT FINISHED and It’s a very personal project of mine but i thought that it would be a good idea to share it since the root of it’s concept came from Square. 

*I finished the inking, but i plan to render it im colors with marker. The time won’t allow me to do it, so i just did a rough shade with my pencil in order to simulate the final effect.

« Lost in Translation », this title represents how the definition of a word can be lost through multiple translations. So as how an concept can be interpreted in so many different ways that you won’t be able to recognize the original idea.

I translate my mind onto the canvas, I’ve used raw ideas and assembled them together. 

So this piece is free for viewers’s perspectives.

(the right leg too long i know :/, did it in a rush)

*I will be posting the final version once it’s done.

Again, thank you Sqaure for their wondeful events. It’s beyond my imagination what can be born from a single word.

IG @________ky, a gallery for my artworks

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on 70cm × 43cm cardboard


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